Research materialised in a useful way that you can sit on, if nothing else. 

Learning Objects discusses ‘radical history of cooperatives’ within such sub-ordinates capital of labour as a means of building human association on a new form of social value. We can deal with the institution within its own terms, but should commit to critique of the neo-liberal pressures to subordinate the mainstream into an alternative model: a means of ‘dealing with’ not ‘dealing independently from’.

The alternative model being one that is independent from a point of being trapped between a difficult precarity of capitalism and labour. How can artist production escape a capitalist value if we cannot conventionally identify capitalist value? How do we divide labour? How do we adopt cooperative and collaborative models within existing structures instead of creating something independent and outside of the structure? The value vortex is already recalibrated within artist practice where capital is subordinate to labour: the catalytic principles of social knowing


Learning Objects was shown 'Play', a group exhibition at Stryx in Minerva Works, Birmingham on 6 / 09 / 2019