Art Licks, Issue 23: Peripheries
ISSN 2046-9349
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Sleeping Through an Earthquake, Brendan Baker & Daniel Evans
(2014) Published by Waterfall Ltd, Taiwan. 978-986-89725-3-7
The Soft Machine, Jonathan Baldock
Published by CHAPTER, Cardiff, 978-1-900029-025
Indoor Green: Living with Plants
Thames & Hudson. 978-0-500-50106-1
Digital Revolution
Barbican (2014) 978-0-946372-99-7
Between Chairs: Design Pedagogies in Transcultural Dialogue
Bauhaus, Taschenbuch. Published by Spector Books. 978-3959-051965
Pool of Memories: A History of Moseley Road Baths by Steve Beauchampé
Printed by Zrinkski, Croatia (2013)
Ways of Seeing, John Berger
Matter and Memory, Henri Bergson
(2004) 978-0-48643415-5
By the Rivers of Birminam, Vanley Burke
Cornerhouse Publications (2012) 978-1-908896-13-5
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This is an index of all the books I own. If you would like to borrow one, I can post it to you for the cost of the envelope and postage stamp. If you cannot afford this, please don't be afraid to say. We are all recovering from a pandemic after all. If you would like a book, please email me.

Books are arranged in alphabetical order by surname of artist or author. 


I will keep this space updated.

A - E

Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomono
(2016) Edited by Fabrizio Cocciarello, Dr. David Haley & Valeria Ruiz Vargas. Gaia Project
The European Union and Migrant Labour
(1999) Edited by Gareth Cole and Mike Cole 1-85973-965-2
The Xenofeminist Manifesto: A Politics for Alienation by Laboria Cuboniks
(2018) Verso. 978-1-78873-157-7
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Personals, Richard Deacon
2007. ISBN 978-1-904864-30-1
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What's Love Got to Do with it? e-flux journal
(2017) Sternberg Press. 978-3-956792-67-0
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E - I

Great Lengths 2012, Neville Gable
With DVD. 978-0-9569571-4-6 Cornerhouse Publications
Sustainable Identities, Kinga German (Ed.)
Szilárd Cseke (2015) 978-963-9537-47-7
Community Art: The Politics of Trespassing
(2011) Pascal Gielen & Paul De Bruyne (eds.)
978-90-78088-50-9 Published by Valiz, Amsterdam
Teaching Art in the Neoliberal Realm: Realism verses Cynicism
(2012) Pascal Gielen & Paul De Bruyne (eds.) 978-90-78088-57-8 Published by Valiz, Amsterdam
Institutional Attitudes: Instituting Art in a Flat World
(2014) Pascal Gielen (ed.)
Published by Valiz, Amsterdam
Sound (A Very Short Introduction)
(2012) Mike Goldsmith 978-0-19-870844-5
Great Lengths: The Historic Indoor Swimming Pools of Britain
(2009) Dr Ian Gordon & Simon Inglis 978-1-9056245-2-2
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James Hoff & Marian Kaiser
(2016) Published by Nero, Oslo. 9-788880-560128
Transparency is the New Mystery, Mayumi Hosokura
(2016) Published by MACK 978-19101644-4-0
FOXP2 Marguerite Humeau
(2016) Diffusion/Distribution. Nottingham Contemporary 978-1-90742-111-2
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To Our Friends, The Invisible Committee
(2014) Semiotext(e) Intervention, series 18. Distributed by MIT Press. 978-1-58435-167-2
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House Mother Normal: A Geriatric Comedy
(1973) Quarter Books Limited. By B. S. Johnson
Plant Names Simplified: Their Pronunciation, Derivation & Meaning
1979 (sixth edition, 3rd print) By A. T. Johnson and H. A. Smith. Published by Landsman Bookson Ltd, Bromyard.
A Good Chair is a Good Chair, Donald Judd
(2010) at IKON Gallery, Birmingham. Distributed by Cornerhouse Publications. 978-1904864-65-3
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J - N

Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers
(2008) by Leonard Kohen. Published by Imperfect Publishing.
ISBN 978-09814846-0-0
Narcomania: On Heroin by Marek Kohn
(1987) Published by Faber & Faber. 978-05711450-6-5
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Garden Brickwork, Mike Lawrence
(1981) ISBN 1-85369-089-3
This is a Work of Fiction, Alina Lupu
Published by Alina Lupu, designed by Andreea Peterfi, Amsterdam, 2019
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The Visible and the Invisible by Merleau-Ponty
(1964) ISBN 978-0-8101-0457-0
Teaching Through the Environment, Pamela Mays
(1985) ISBN 340-35802-1
Paths, Patios and Lawns
(1986) Edited by Peter MacDonald. WHSmith, Do it All
Thirteen Blackbirds Look at a Man
(2015) Fiona Macdonald, Cathie Pilkington, Annie Whiles and Sean Ashton. CHAPTER, Cardiff.
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Rapture, by Camille Norment (2015)
Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft
(2007) by Laurie Britton Newell V&A
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Curating Research, Occasional Table
(2015) Open Editions, London, De Appel, Amsterdam. ISBN 978-0-949004-03-1. Paul O'Neill & Mick Wilson (Eds.)
Curating and the Educational Turn
(2010) Charles Esche & Daniel Buren.
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O - S

Teaching Today, Geoff Petty
Jean Painlevé
2016 IKON Gallery
iilwimi lipsing
(2018)iilwimi lipsing is about a politics of not-translating and listening with a feminist ear which can also be an eye, skin or fist.

PaperWork is a sometimes-annual art writing magazine and event series.

Ntiense Eno Amooquaye
Alison Ballance
Uma Breakdown
DJ Lynnée Denise
Darkie Fiction
Carl Gent
Harry Josephine Giles
Halima Haruna
Monika Kalinauskaite
Johanna Maj Schmidt
Taylor Le Melle
Anna Sadlon
Himali Singh Soin
Daniella Valz Gen
Frank Wasser
If You Can't Find it, Give us a Ring
New Thinking in Public Art: Community. Public Works (2006) Article Press. ISBN 1-873352-29-8
Greenhouse Gardening, Sue Phillips
An up-to-date guide to successful gardening under glass. A Hamlyn Original (1981)
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Photography and its Violations, John Roberts
(2014) ISBN 978-0-231-16818-2
Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound
Tara Rogers (2010)
Goldfish, Anna Marie Roos
(2019) Living work of art, consumer commodity, scientific hero, and environmental menace: the humble goldfish is the ultimate human cultural artifact. A creature of supposedly little memory and a short lifespan, it has held universal appeal as a reservoir for human ideas and ideals. In ancient China, goldfish were saved from predators in acts of religious reverence and selectively bred for their glittering grace. In the East, they became the subject of exquisite art, regarded as living...
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Teaching for People who Prefer Not to Teach
Edited by Marjam Bayerdörfer & Rosalie Schweiker IBSN 978-1-907840-12-8.

A manual that fits in your pocket. “It’s a messy collection of ideas: contributions our friends and colleagues sent us, our own learning experiences and rumours we heard. You might ask yourself who this manual is for. Is it for teachers? Is it for students? Is it only relevant for teaching art? The answer is: Yes and No. We don’t know. Probably both. As self-employed artists, we have become used to performing our...
Women Who Make a Fuss: The Unfaithful Daughters of Viginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf, to whom university admittance had been forbidden, watched the universities open their doors. Though she was happy that her sisters could study in university libraries, she cautioned women against joining the procession of educated men and being co-opted into protecting a “civilization” with values alien to women.
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Art Workers, Material Conditions and Labour Struggles in Contemporary Art Practice
The Art Workers book presents case studies from the local art contexts of Estonia, Finland and Sweden, collects artist-testimonies, discusses activist practices and maps out contemporary and historical forms of organising within the international art field.

The Art Workers identity typography is a grotesk, a typeface originating from industrialism, combined with the digitally manipulated DIY aesthetics of our time. The typography reflects the urgency of handmade signage made for protesting..
School: A Recent History of Self-Organized Art Education, Sam Thorne
A chronicle of self-organized art schools and artist-run education platforms that have emerged since 2000. Comprising a series of twenty conversations conducted by Thorne with the artists, curators, and educators behind these schools, the book maps a territory at once fertile and contested. Spanning projects in London, Lagos, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Ramallah, Berlin, and Saint Petersburg, among other locations, these critical dialogues respond to spiraling student debt, the MFA system...
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Supersurfaces by Sophia Vyzoviti
ISBN 978-90636912-1-9 (2006) BIS Publishers, Amsterdam.

In the form of a pocket diary, this booklet makes clear how the new technique of folding can be applied not only in architecture, but also in industrial, product or textile manufacture. Vyzoviti uses paper as an empirical model. She investigates and systematically describes how flat paper is transformed into volumes when creating prototypes. Supersurfaces is filled with hand-folded, twisted, wound and woven forms. This ‘other’ manner...
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T - Z

A Room of One's Own, Virginia Woolf, 1929
Why Contribute to the Spread of Ugliness? Stuart Whipps
(2012) ISBN 978-1-904864-73-8
Three Guineas, Virginia Woolf (1938)
Education, Documents of Contemporary Art
2010, Whitechapel Gallery
Rural, Documents of Contemporary Art
2019, Whitechapel Gallery
Work, Documents of Contemporary Art
2017, Whitechapel Gallery
Animals, Documents of Contemporary Art
2016, Whitechapel Gallery
Ethics, Documents of Contemporary Art
2015, Whitechapel Gallery
Sound, Documents of Contemporary Art
2011, Whitechapel Gallery
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Kan Xuan
(2016) IKON Gallery. ISBN 978-1911155027
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