Interested in ungoverned libraries and non-hierarchical education, my work playfully documents common interest as places of sanctuaries, balancing trust and cooperation over competition and anything else. I use self-documentation of interest and lists of useful things said to me to orientate my practice in its own self-governed and non-artist prescription, working solo and collaboratively.

Through which ever material takes my interest at the time, generally somewhere between textiles, metal and text, my interests tend to lean into learning something new using machines and process to illustrate research, navigating personal, transgenerational and socio-historical narratives. Installations tend to present itself as a complex web of [re]imagined engagements surrounding language and knowledge [re]production(s) – which are [un]written, [un]performed, made [in]visible. 

Publications are also are occasional extension of my practice.

I prefer collaborating with other artists over being in competition for opportunities (that will probably be mediocrity if not a bit exploitative at best). I prefer talking about things we have in common rather than talking about art.


2020 has been monumental. I am unsure if I want to be an artist anymore at all or if I want to talk about that. #I'd_rather_be_playing_Sims.

Recent 2019-20 activity has included (hyperlinks): writing with BLCKHLCLB, Art Licks Weekend with GU Womxn, taking photos of caterpillars, making curtainsmaking my website into a library index (for you), and making glass earrings.