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I present intimacy and the availability of resources as offers within physical space to hold care, exchange and conversation, above anything else. These spaces have incorporated transportable bookshelves as artworks, holding self-published manifestos and manuals exploring possible ways of working towards 'better spaces', soft high pile rugs as comfortable surfaces to sit, personal experiences as stories and as acts of informality and conversational entry points, and common interest as places of sanctuaries, where at least conversation can take place if nothing else. I am drawn to self-governed and self-organised 'open archives' as validated material, such as the ones we have at home; the Twitter feeds from 5 years ago, family photo albums and diaries, birthday cards from grandparents.

Strategy and feedback from action are more significant than detailed planning; hierarchies give way to networks where the periphery is as important as the centre, and self interest and competition should be balanced by trust and cooperation. Socratic elenchus over prescriptive schooling or explication to seek the production of expertise and the authoritative pronouncement of trust, where people happen to have conversation. It is a generative, productive impulse that propels a desire to communicate. It is what brings artists and the audience to the same space.

I prefer collaborating with other artists over being in competition for opportunities, and have terms and conditions that need to be read before offers of collaborating or undertaking work will be take place.